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Royal Enfield Motorcycle Tour

Discover Bhutan on the Royal Enfield. You will love the Royal Enfield’s flexibility and comfort. You will ride from ridge to ridge, crossing mountains and monasteries.  A rider’s dream to explore the panoramic nature that Bhutan offers. Right from the start, you will ride from ridge to ridge, crossing mountains and monasteries. 12 days of total heaven are waiting for you, full of gorgeous valleys, high passes, blue pine forests, and mountain roads. Bhutan presents nature at its best!

Designed as a 12-day itinerary, you will cover 7 districts riding West to Central Bhutan. Ideal to enter and exit via India as well, Bhutan shares a border with India, this is an option to explore as well. Routes will be planned according to your entry and exit points. Your first day will involve traffic rules, bike familiarization, and safety. You will meet your bike guide and team that will escort you over the mountains.

We also provide the Royal Enfield Himalaya bike model for rent. It also includes a visit to Namgay Artisanal Beer Brewery for a chilled rice beer!

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